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air quality monitoring
solutions since 2014

In 2015, we released Atmotube, the world’s first portable air quality monitor.
In addition to that, we’ve partnered with US government contractors and automotive manufacturers to create tailor-made outdoor air quality stations and automotive air quality monitoring boards.

Over the past 6 years, we’ve developed three generations of Atmotube with each one making a technical leap to make it one of the leading consumer air quality measurement solutions on the market.

Our engineering team has developed professional-grade air quality measurement solutions for both the B2B and B2G sectors: in-vehicle air quality measurement modules and outdoor air quality measurement stations. We are proud to have prominent European automotive manufacturers and professional measurement equipment suppliers among our clients.

our services

Full-cycle product development or consultancy on any stage

Our engineers and software developers have consulted multiple fitness&health brands, transportation, environmental, and other organizations. We maintain good relationships with major environmental sensor suppliers and can advise sensors, fitting your cost and performance requirements, and consult on proper application.

sources of pollution

Air quality depends on many factors

Vehicles, power plants, industry, agriculture, and households all contribute to air pollution. Emissions from outside come indoors where there are many sources of indoor air pollution from things like cooking and heating appliances, tobacco smoke, finishing materials, paints, furniture, etc.

  • Paints, paint strippers, and other solvents
  • Dust, pollen
  • Wood preservatives
  • Moth repellents and air fresheners
  • Pesticides
  • Aerosols
  • Detergents and disinfectants
  • Fly ash
  • Smoke
  • Fumes

What we offer

It all starts with your idea

The Atmotube team provides engineering solutions, tailored to your needs and budget, be it indoor or outdoor air quality monitoring, in both fixed, semi-fixed and wearable form-factors. Our broad experience in air quality monitoring products can help you to solve complex needs – from a sensor board that seamlessly integrates into your existing product to a turnkey solution with a unique ID and innovative feature set.

  • Turnkey air quality product engineering
  • Product development and design
  • Circuit design and optimization
  • Advanced characterization and compensation
  • Development of operating firmware and algorithms
  • Enclosure design and implementation
  • Testing and calibration

The Atmotube team is experienced in both industrial design & engineering and has vast experience in integrating sensors of different types into a wide variety of platforms. Our solutions are real-world tested and tailored to individual project needs. We know how to create reliable yet affordable products with the target user and target environment in mind.

We can serve as a component supplier as well as a turnkey customized product manufacturer. Our lab is also equipped with professional calibration chambers in case you need a pre-shipment calibration or extensive testing.

We offer custom solutions for indoor/outdoor air quality monitoring

outdoor air monitoring

Atmotube Station

Should an air quality station be ugly?

We don’t think so! Rugged, yet beautiful!

OEM modules

We offer tailor-made OEM multi-sensor modules for integration in third party consumer products.

We’ve launched a free global air pollution map based on crowdsourced data from our Atmotube users 

Cloud-based air quality monitoring software

In addition to our rich experience in developing air quality measurement products, the Atmotube team has successfully developed and deployed cloud-based air quality monitoring software. Some of the features are:

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